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We are the #1 Health oriented, empowerment and self-development online store offering variety of product for the whole family. Our main goal is to help Families to be Healthy, Comfortable and Happy.

Safety First!

Our health products -USANA’s products are formulated using ingredients with an extensive history of safe use in humans.  All our health products are tested and validated by the highest standards in the world.

Fashion Products - We choose each item by carefully examining its safety and comfort. Our main goal is to provide the best solution for any child or adult. 

Best Quality

My Own Place guarantees that you will receive the best overall value—our products are all authentic brands manufactured in US and Canada. We make sure by performing numerous tests and quality checks that all products are the best quality provided.

Our Guarantee

As a family owned and run business, we’re proud to guarantee our customers will always be provided with the highest quality products and customer service. We provide 30 day money back guarantee so you can feel safe to try our products.

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